Re-Programming                          Call Now

Computer needs updates? Need a new computer and it requires that it has to be flashed so that it will communicate with your vehicle.

When reprogramming an engine computer, a scanner is attached to the diagnostic port in a car, which is typically inside the car, beneath the steering wheel. Old programming is erased, then replaced with the most up-to-date software provided by the auto manufacturer.

Diagnostics                                  Call Now

Check engine light on? There is 999 different reasons why it will illuminate. 

This light lets you know there is an issue somewhere within the vehicle that the on-board computer has detected. While the light is on, the computer is compensating for the problem so therefore you are not getting the best performance or fuel mileage out of you vehicle. I can scan the codes to see if it is a simple fix or something major. I can also check those other annoying lights like ABS, traction control, etc...

Brakes                                         Call Now

Brakes are one of the most important features on the vehicle for safety.

If your brakes are squealing then it means you likely do not have much further to go before they go metal to metal and start to fail on you. So come by and let me check your brake pads, rotors, calipers, and hoses to make sure you stay safe.

Steering and Suspension           Call Now

Loosing your steering control is not only a safety issue but can be very scary. Do not let hard steering or leaking steering put you in harms way. 

Suspension parts, like shocks and struts, give you a better ride but it keeps you vehicle in contact with the road. Plus the suspension also helps out with your braking system - ask me how.

Electrical                                       Call Now

These vehicles today have an advance electrical system. They are like putting four wheels on your home computer and driving it around. I stay up with the latest technology trends, so you do not have to. I can diagnose anything from a bad battery to electrical draws, etc.

Heating and Air conditioning        Call Now

It is hot outside so do not get caught with no A/C. I can check air conditioning for leaks and performance and your heater too. Here in Florida it is always hot but I can help keep you cool! 

Also ask about other services like Engine Performance, Tune-Up, Coolant, and Fuel Economy                                   Call Now